The true story of the first ascent of the North Fork Mountain Traverse. 

Almost Alpine is a climbing film made by three climbers from the Appalachian Mountains.  It is a mockumentary based on the actual first ascent of the North Fork Mountain Traverse in West Virginia. This is the epic climb that shook the climbing community to its core and redefined the American classic.  Join Chad, Jeremy and Alpine Jesse as they tackle one of the longest rock climbs in the world.  Develop a new appreciation for the Mid-Atlantic region as the trio uncovers a myriad of new and old climbing areas during their training and preparation for the climb.  Unlock the secrets of training hard and taking it to the next level; the über level.  Learn how to talk like a rock climber, and develop a new appreciation for the art of belaying.  Entirely filmed and produced by local climbers.

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Almost Alpine

is a movie made by rock climbers for rock climbers and the people who have to listen to their latest project, trip, or send.

The film was made by three friends in the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.  Its as homegrown and local as film making gets.  We know that you will get as much of a kick out of the film as we did making it!

Almost Alpine

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We went way over our goal and were able to produce a very high quality DVD, we spared no expense on the art work and packaging - we were able to make a final product of much higher caliber than we ever though possible!  The additional support allowed us to include a ton of bonus features on the DVD to keep you going after the film is over!

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Some scenes from filming

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Alpine Jesse - The World's Best Belayer

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Almost Alpine
Almost Alpine

Wanna try and repeat the feat of the

Almost Alpine

50 pitch traverse?

Nobody has done it since Chad and Jeremy bagged the FA in 2009.

Nobody has asked for it, but here is Chad's hand drawn beta on the route!  

Disclaimer: Chad makes no claim to the accuracy of this info or current conditions of the route.  Climbing is dangerous and all risk is your own.